Wednesday, July 02, 2008

#3 - Wounded Premiere, Independence Day and Moving to Los Angeles

In this edition I answer a few more questions, particularly about touring, premiere (FINALLY) the song Wounded that was cut from Standing at the Edge, discuss moving to LA and perform a cover of Ani DiFranco's Independence Day. Music recommendation for this episode if Greg Laswell's How the Day Sounds EP.

Greg Laswell is already a critic's darling, and with the right marketing his second album will give him a proper shove into the mainstream. Through Toledo is an impressive collection of densely lyrical, deeply melodic indie pop that refuses to settle into predictability. Laswell -- on guitar, piano, drums, and production -- is clearly more than just another singer-songwriter.
- Jonathan Zwickel -

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Gil said...

Thanks for share these thoughts and memories...and for this lost song for your audience...I thank you for podcasting...and I also hate some decisions which condemn to silence a lot of great songs...songs they do not deserve to be Michael Ende wrote in his sensational "The Neverending Story" (nothing to do with the awful movie which betrayed the spirit of the book)..."There are a lot of stories in a book, but to give them life you must read it" (or something like that...that was the idea... It is the same for a song, so thanks for let your baby named "Wounded" breath.