Thursday, July 24, 2008

#5 - Documentary, Lily Sleeps and 2 Live Performances

In this week's Podcast I talk about the documentary Turning Static Into Sound, the process of recording Lily Sleeps including my semi-meltdown and perform both Dog's Mercury and Only a Handgun from that record. I forgot tons of words to Only a Handgun but life happens. Music recommendation this week is Trespassers William. I should point out that in the Podcast I say they are on Nettwerk Records but it turns out that since I last checked up on them they have left the label. That's why I should always remember to do some current research before Podcasting!

Formed in 1997, Trespassers William have released three albums. Anchor (1999) appeared on Sonikwire Records and is now out of print. Different Stars surfaced as a self-release in 2002 and was re-released twice—most recently on Nettwerk Records on October 19, 2004. In early 2004, the band relocated from Southern California to Seattle, WA. Their latest album, Having, was released February 28, 2006. The band's music has received modest press coverage and exposure, most notably in the television shows The O.C. and One Tree Hill.

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