Wednesday, September 17, 2008

#9 - Signs of Life, Signs of Life and Signs of Life

In this edition of the Casey Stratton Podcast I answer a few questions and then talk about the new album, Signs of Life before performing both Looks Like Rain and Now It's Gone from said record. Music recommendation is Kate Bush's Aerial.

It's the second disc--a suite called A Sky of Honey--on which Bush really comes into her own. Using metaphors of the turning of the day and the flight of birds, she orchestrates a meditation on the cycles of life. Musically expansive, she weaves her compositions out of birdsong, subtle orchestrations, and jazz trios, showing herself at her experimental best. Embracing her relatively new motherhood, as well as the death of her mother, Aerial is a deeply personal album, and a welcome return from one of pop music's true icons and vocal wonders. --John Diliberto

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Anonymous said...

Well, ya know...


David-That Blue Jeans Guy-Byrd said...

Great episode, even with the animal kingdom conspiring against you. Most podcasters with animal friends have had at least one show ruined by one or more of them deciding to lobby for your attention.

Also, loving the new album! You continue to amaze with the depths of your art, and my wish is that this continue for you.

Rick said...

Nocturn is indeed so amazing.
And the second disc is so unbelievably good. Good call!

Rick (solace1979)