Wednesday, April 22, 2009

# 24 - Names, Places and Amy Grant

In this episode of the Casey Stratton Podcast I answer a question about the use of names in my songs and then talk about the process of getting DIVIDE released and deciding to start my own label. I then play a recording of me at 12 years-old (1988) singing Lead Me on by Amy Grant. Live performances of Sinead O'Connor's Black Boys On Mopeds and my song Bipolar follow. Music recommendation is The Innocence Mission's Glow.

"Glow" is a musical treasure that immediately starts with a dreamy riff, taking you by the hand for a journey of tunes and floating guitar evoking the feeling of spring fever. "Keeping Awake" kicks of the stream of sound that leads into the Velvet Underground infused "Bright As Yellow", pulsating in a dreamy ramble, over to my favorite track "Brave - a mixture of amazing melodic hooks that take you to certain emotional corners. "There" is another sunny summer day tune that makes you want to lay in a hammock and smell some cut grass and flowers. - Amazon user

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