Wednesday, May 20, 2009

#26 - Shows, Aging and Shakespeare Tragedies

In this edition of the Casey Stratton Podcast I discuss the recent shows and thoughts on performing. I then discuss aging in the context of fear and spontaneity. By request the recorded cover of Bjork's Army of Me is played followed by a 2001 recording of a song from The Winter Children sessions called God Save Your Queen that has never been re-recorded or released. After that I perform a live cover of the song Ophelia from the new Tori Amos album Abnormally Attracted to Sin which is also the music recommendation.

ABNORMALLY ATTRACTED TO SIN, Tori's tenth studio album, is another innovative chapter in the artist's trailblazing story. Every track on the album will be accompanied by a corresponding `visualette,' featuring footage that has been captured over the past year. Shot in HD and Super 8, the visualettes will incorporate a documentary style.

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