Wednesday, July 29, 2009

#31 - Youth, Tweeting, and Stalking

In this episode of the Casey Stratton Podcast I discuss more of my childhood musical path. I left Twitter open during the show and responded to some of your tweets. I then performed two songs I wrote when I was 16 including the first song of my own I ever played live. That song is called It's About Time and the other performance was a song called Paintings. Music recommendation this time is Paula Cole's This Fire.
Cole's self-produced 1996 breakthrough, finds her investing her songs with outsized emotions, framed by consistently inventive arrangements built around Cole's keyboards, and reaching a zeitgeist-piercing intensity on "Where Have All the Cowboys Gone?" and "I Don't Want to Wait," making Cole seem very much like Fiona Apple's older, slightly less cracked sister. --Sam Sutherland

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Bob said...

I hope you enjoy doing these podcasts, because I looooooove listening to them. Really, thanks so much for doing these!