Wednesday, August 12, 2009

#32 - Choices, Lazy Days and Rainy Days

In this installment of the Casey Stratton Podcast I update everyone on the documentary, as you asked for. I then answer a few questions about the songs I chose for the Best Of collections and about whether or not I force myself to work when I don't feel like it. I play an improvised recording from the Standing at the Edge sessions called Rainy Day before performing a B-side from Memories and Photographs (as was suggested by Steven! I was confused for a minute in the podcast) called Starry Night which was also an improv originally. Music recommendation this time is City and Colour's Sometimes.

Dallas Green, for those that may not know was in the Pop-Emo/Screamo Hardcore band called Alexisonfire, which has disbanded. (so I've heard) So he picked up his Acoustic Guitar... pieced it together with some well written poetry and made one of the finest super-mellow albums I've heard in awhile. Naming his solo work after himself, CITY (`Dallas') And COLOUR (`Green') Whish is actually quite witty. - Amazon User Review

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aerotrooper said...

Yippy! I was mentioned in your podcast! I was listening and was saying "Steven, yes, it was Steven who requested a rare song". And thanks again for that it was wonderful. It was the night of that meteor shower we both were missing. A few day's later I did get out and embrace the cosmos for some time. Very cool. I hope you get a chance to get outside the city lights, perhaps this fall, and take in a clear moonless nights sky. Take care.